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The Big Red Bandstaph

The Bandstaff, or "Bandstaph", as it is almost always spelled, is in charge of running the Band. We meet once per week during the Band season, and also here and there outside of the season. Meetings tend to be highly productive. Why do you keep laughing? Anyway, staphers really are a dedicated group who are committed to the well being of the Band (through the upholding of the Band's Constitution). Elections are held in December, and the positions run for the calendar year.

Bandstaph 2017 Picture

Your 2017 Bandstaph!

The Positions on Bandstaph are:

Head Manager

Kathleen Won

Kathleen Won

The Head Manager is the one person crazy enough to deal with all the inner workings of the Band. She is in charge of running Bandstaph meetings, dealing with the administration, setting up the roadtrips, and handling relations with the other Ivy bands, among other stuff like making sure the trumpets wear pants when crossing the Canada-US border. Overall, she is the leader off the field, or so she is told. This year's Head Manager is Kathleen Won '19.

Past Head Managers

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Drum Major

Jeff Crosby

Jeff Crosby

The Drum Major is, in contrast to the Head Manager, the leader of the Band on the field. Basically, he's the one that gets all the attention. He runs the rehearsals, leads the Band on gameday, and gets to run onto the field all by himself to throw a big mace up in the air (and hopefully catch it). The 2017 BRMB Drum Major is Jeffrey Crosby '18. Before ascending the podium, he played in the sax section.

Past Drum Majors

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Head Field Manager

Molly Bergin

Molly Bergin

The Head Field Manager deals with the non-musical elements of the Band. Hey, the Drum Major needs a ladder to stand on if we're all to see him! And what if one of us (for some reason) were to get hurt on the field? (stupid Ithaca ice storms...) This year's Head Field Manager is Molly Bergin '19.

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Alex Wong

Alex Wong

The Big Red Band is good at three things: marching well, playing loud, and spending money. This is why there is a treasurer, whose job is to organize and balance the year's budget, as well as allocate budgets to each of the other Bandstaph positions and sections if necessary. All that money can be a lot for one person to keep track of, so the Treasurer also has to check the budget with BRBAA and the Student Assembly Finance Commission (SAFC) to make sure that he keeps our ink in the black. This year's treasurer is Alex Wong '19.

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Show Committee Chairs

Diane Sutyak, Christopher Sanchez, Brian Scaramella

Diane Sutyak

The Show Committee Chairs organize the Show Committee, which writes all the field shows, allowing us to maintain our title as The Only REAL Marching Band in the Ivy League. Along with writing the shows, the Show Committee Chairs also share some responsibility with the Drum Major in making us all learn the shows. In fact, in the absence of the Drum Major, the Show Committee Chairs take over his responsibility. Diane Sutyak '20, Christopher Sanchez '20, and Brian Scaramella '18 are the current chairs.

Show Comm webpage

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Alumni Relations

Kristen Rose Baxter and Julia Klopfer

Julia Klopfer Kristen Rose Baxter

The Alumni Relations Chairs, well, maintain relations with the alumni. Working with the Big Red Band Alumni Association (BRBAA), they organize alumni events for Homecoming each fall and Reunion each summer. They also strive to publish two issues of Band Notes every year. The current Alumni Relations Chairs are Kristen Rose Baxter '18 and Julia Klopfer '20.

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Uniform Chairs

Chelsea Sanders, Anthony Montoya, Devyn Ottman, Diana Herrera

Diana Herrera Devyn Ottman Anthony Montoya Chelsea Sanders

The Uniform Chairs are in charge of fitting us all with our snazzy uniforms and making sure that all the uniforms stay in good condition and don't get lost. And of course, since the BRMB is a source of entertainment fit for the entire family, the Uniform Chairs act as censors to prevent the showing of nudity throughout the Band on days of performance. Our Uniform Chairs for 2017 are Diana Herrera '19, Chelsea Sanders '19, Devyn Ottman '19, and Anthony Montoya '19.

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Equipment Chairs/Czars

Diana Herrera, Emily Waite, Justin Kozma

Justin Kozma Emily Waite Diana Herrera

You can't have a band without instruments, right? And although the band takes SUCH good care of its instruments, they are bound to break some time, so what happens then? The equipment czars spring into action! They are in charge of fixing any instrument in band, personally or BRMB owned. Another important part of their job is getting accessories essential to any band like lyres, flip-folders, reeds, valve oil, etc. If you've got equipment that needs managing, don't hesitate to contact the current Equipment Czars, Diana Herrera '19, Emily Waite '20, and Justin "Buckets" Kozma '20, they'd be happy to help!

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Head Librarians

Katie Sadoff and Willa Tsao

Katie Sadoff

The Head Librarians are in charge of maintaining the massive music library containing over 1100 songs and distributing music to all members. Over the course of the year, they find their best friends are Igor the copier and Ida the paper cutter. They get over their dust allergies and become immune to paper cuts as they prepare folders for all the new members and distribute all the new show music. Katie Sadoff '20, and Willa Tsao '20 are the current Head Librarians.

Need music? You can hit up the librarians with this suh-weet Google Form.

Digital Music Library

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Publicity Chairs

Laasya Renganathan and Tara van Nieuwstadt

Laasya Renganathan

The Publicity Chairs' most important job is recruiting new members for the Band at the start of each year. This may consist of, but is not limited to, covering the entire campus with chalkings raving about the glories of Band, harassing every new student that tries to register (and all students have to register), and flooding the Cornell Daily Sun with personals. The current publicity chairs are Laasya Renganathan '20 and Tara van Nieuwstadt '20.

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Claire Coulter and Jessi Hersh

Jessi Hersh Claire Coulter

The Historian acts as the band's personal paparazzi, running all over the place and looking for perfect snapshots of the band. These pictures then go up for all to see on the historian's website. The Historian is also in charge of recording the halftime shows. Using the season's work, they put together a scrapbook each year, which we all see at the Spring Semi-Formal. This year's Historians are Claire Coulter '18 and Jessi Hersh '19.

Check the historian's website and facebook page for all of our photos!

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Fundraising Chairs

Gabriella Alvarez and Zach Siper

Gabriella Alvarez

The Fundraising Chairs organize the yearly phonathon, which brings in a substantial amount of money for each Band season. Of course, we have nothing against the Fundraising Chairs coming up with creative ways of bringing in even more money. Hey, we'll find uses for it. Zach "Ponyboy" Siper '20 and Gabby Alvarez '20 are the current fundraising chairs.

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Allan Buchness

Allan Buchness

The secretary is responsible for taking minutes during each meeting of the Bandstaph, so that the whole band can read about its inner workings. He also takes care of the email lists and the official roster of all band members so we can stalk each other and keep in touch. This year's secretary is Allan Buchness '20.

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Social Chairs

Charlotte Slaughter and Jacob "Magnus" Hoglund

Charlotte Slaughter

As if Band itself isn't fun enough, we have people in charge of organizing even more fun for bandies outside of standard Band time. The social chairs organize several parties (highlighted by the Non-sectarian Holiday Party and the Spring Semiformal), ice time at Lynah Rink, and participation of the Band in intramural sports. The current Social Chairs are Charlotte Slaughter '19 and Jacob "Magnus" Hoglund '20.

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Luke Ellert-Beck

Luke Ellert-Beck

The webmaster is in charge of maintaining and improving the band's web presence (including this website and the Facebook group "Big Red Marching Band"). He also acts as an adviser for individual section webmasters. This year's webmaster is Luke "Spot" Ellert-Beck '20.

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Pep Band Manager

Susan Eichhorn

Susan Eichhorn

The Big Red Marching Band will often interact with the Big Red Pep Band (in fact, there is an enormous overlap in membership). Therefore, the Pep Band Manager reports any news to the BRMB Bandstaph. This year's Pep Band Manager is Susan Eichhorn '18.

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About the bandstaph

The Bandstaph meets every week during the Fall semester, typically the hour before rehearsal (8-9pm on Tuesdays) in the Fischell Band Center. These meetings are open, so feel free to drop by!

bandstaph meeting

2015's Bandstaph after the first meeting of the year. Ready to serve and protect the band for the next 365 days.

Drum Off

The Drumline lines up for an impromptu drum battle against Penn after the last game of 2011.

2008 Quincy Market Concert

The band performs in Boston's Quincy Market during a trip to Harvard in 2008.


2005 Drum Major Jeremy Kerman '06 demonstrates an aardvark to the eager freshmen. For more information about this and other traditions, visit the history page

I would found an institution where any person could find instruction in any study

Give me an 'I'! Give me a space. Give me a 'W'! Give me an 'O'! Give me a 'U'! Give me an 'L'! Give me a 'D'! Give me a space. Give me an 'F'! ...

the band parades even in the rain

Rain or shine, the band marches on. Check out our spiffy rain coats!

Craig the crossing guard tuba

Craig TUBA acts as a crossing guard as the band crosses the street.