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The Big Red Marching Band performs at all home and most Ivy League away games, as well as the occasional NFL stadium, and on rare occasions (because we love 110-yard fields so much), CFL fields. We've also been known to get wild and wacky by parading through the Campus Store, Willard Straight Hall, and when we're feeling truly studious, the circulation room of Uris Library.

If you've never heard of us, hey, it's cool. Hell, most of us never heard of aardvarking or flute ups before we joined either, but there's hope for you yet, young disciple. Relax, kick back, leave your shoes at the door, and browse around our cyber-home. If you would like information on joining, you're smart! The introduction will get you up to speed and give you all of the necessary information.

The BRMB is the largest fully student-run organization in the Ivy League. It is larger, by far, than any of the other Ivy Bands. Our membership is generally over 200 people. That, along with the fact that we have a general distaste for the use of stop signs, swimming pools, and blow-up dolls as instruments, makes us quite different from other Ivies. We like marching in formations and playing, often at the same time, while the other Ivies (or "scatter bands") like running around randomly and playing, often at distinct times. Hey, to each his own.

The members of the band are quite the spirited bunch, and we have a liking for all things BIG and Red. From our massive first rehearsal to the final football games of the season, bandies will sing and play Cornell songs such as NCFS, My Old Cornell, and our fight song, Davy. And since you asked (oh, we know you were thinking it), WE had it before those Broadway people got their hands on it.

By this point, you must thinking that the BRMB runs like a well-oiled machine. Well, even the most perfect of machines is prone to breakdowns of sorts. The Head Manager and the Drum Major, with the help of the rest of the Bandstaph, bring some order to the chaos. They're the ones dumb enough to take the jobs. Feel free to click around here and see the stuff they (and everybody else) eat, sleep and breathe.

Parade before Princeton

Parading before the Princeton game, 2005.

Tubas at Giants Stadium

Brian Adelman '09 and his fellow tubists play in Giants Stadium, 2005.

Concert on Ho Plaza before Harvard

Concert on Ho Plaza before the (rainy) Harvard game, 2005.