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And now, because section leaders have finally been awarded suffrage...

...presenting the BRMB Section Leaders!

Flutes         Clarinets         Saxes         Trumpets         Horns        
Bones         Tubas         Percussion      Colorguard

Flutes at Band Camp

Band members old and new practice basic line marching during band camp the week before fall classes start.


Diane Sutyak and Caroline Dodd

Diane Sutyak

With our sassy dance moves and parading shimmies, the flutes keep the band looking good. Ithaca may be COLD, but the flutes are always HOTT. Our ability to transform nouns like amoeba, peacock, and chopsticks into verbs ensures that we are simply the best and that no one has more fun.

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Kristen Ajmo and Brandon Quinlan

Kristen Ajmo

The clarinet section is an integral part of the band. The drum major fears us, the flute section wants to dance like us, and everyone else is generally too afraid to make eye contact. Clarinets are known for their sarcasm and sharp wit, and their general dislike of anything flute.

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Benito De Leon and Anthony Montoya

Benito De Leon

From hot cocoa after cold Tuesday night practices to corn nuggets at the Nines, being a Big Red Sax means a lot more than PE credit - it's lots of good times and great friends.

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Zach Siper

Zach Siper

The Loudest, Biggest, Craziest, section in the Ivy League. We pride ourselves on being the best, no matter what the metric is. If you don't find your hair tingling when the Trumpets are around - check your pulse, you might be dead.

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Kelly Grice and Emma Jacob

Emma Jacob

The horn section is eight miles wide and absolutely everybody can come inside!

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Ji Ann Greenberg and Kevin Juarez-Leon

Ji Ann Greenberg

When trumpets in this band appear
To menace all our fun and cheer
What hero should then appear
To bring us to our precious...chocolate fountain...

Slide of Lightning
Sound of Thunder
Drinking all the table under
Underbone......Under- Under- Underbone!!!

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Zach Brothers

Zach Brothers

Tubas rule.

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Josh Mooney

Josh Mooney

The drumline could have gone solo a long time ago, but we like to keep the band around for tradition-- and to make it clear how awesome we are by comparison. We rock hard, head-bang, dance, and stick click like nobody's business. Beware of ninja.

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Emma Downey and Tara van Nieuwstadt

Tara van Nieuwstadt

Colorguard is awesome.

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Tubas battling flutes

The tubas and flutes duke it out during Power. The flutes may be smaller but they make up for it with greater numbers.

Trumpets doing pushups

2011 Trumpet section leader, Frodo '12, leads his section in doing pushups after the team scored during the Harvard game.

guard high V

The color guard performs Rockford Files, for which the trick is "everything ends in a V", at the 2011 Spring Concert.

Ted Hammond playing Crumpets

Ted Hammond '07 enjoys a game of field crumpets. This interesting game was introduced to the Big Red Band by Tau Kung '04, and has become a favorite pastime.