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The Davy FAQ

This is the traditional call-and-response from First Night explaining the lyrics to our fight song, Give My Regards to Davy.

Band: What is this Davy thing anyway?
Davy is Cornell's fight song and was written by Charles Tourison '05.

Announcers: Give my regards to Davy...
Band: Who is Davy?
Davy was David Fletcher Hoy 1891, who was the registrar and secretary for the commitee on student conduct. He had a great deal of disciplinary contact with students, and was known for his ferocity. He was bad.

Announcers: Remember me to Tee Fee Crane...
Band: Who is Tee Fee Crane?
Tee Fee Crane was Thomas Frederick Crane, an Ithaca lawyer and a language professor. He served as the first dean of the Arts School, and was much beloved on campus. He was good.

Announcers: Tell all the pikers on the hill that I'll be back again...
Band: What's a piker?
A piker is a freshman.

Announcers: Tell them just how I busted...
Band: What's busted?
Busted is getting kicked out of Cornell.

Announcers: For lapping up the high highball...
Band: What's a highball?
Why, alcohol, of course. He busted out because he spent too much time drinking.

Announcers: We'll all have drinks at Theodore Zinck's when I get back next Fall.
Band: What's Theodore Zinck's?
Theodore Zinck's was a Downtown bar in the old Ithaca Hotel and is still remembered with the continued tradition of local and international Zinck's nights.